Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today my song recording journey began in the year 2000. For on this day in March of 2000, Tim Doran and myself began a series of recordings featuring the amazing voice of our dear friend Tony Westbrook. We were recording back in the old Glendale recording studio on Victory Blvd in the same complex where my literary agent office had been four years previusly. So many memories. That old antique grand piano where the sound was so challenged and the recording studio that was experimenting with its craft each and every recording session. But it was so much fun. I remember we recorded the very first take of "If You Really Want To Know" and "Fly Me Home For Christmas" --still two of my favorite songs. And I will always remember the thrill of hearing Tony's voice. It was simply amazing. And what's more, he was a great editor and knew how to deliver and sell any song that he tried. So thanks to my arranger and dearest friend Tim Doran and thanks to Tony Westbrook. I miss him! Those old recordings are simply classic! My ambitions are still strong and I am working all the time. God will show me the way! And I am in His Hands!


Tony Westbrook said...

I thought we started recording in the late fall/early winter as we prepared for Christmas. I remember flying home for Christmas, listening to the rough demo of "Fly Me Home For Christmas".

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