Thursday, February 22, 2007


The George Stewart Portrait

Today indeed is the REAL birthday of the father of our country George Washington. My dear late father used to tell us kids this wonderful tale of George as if he were the son of an Italian merchant. And of course, George is given a hatchet for his birthday, chops down the cherry tree and is in big trouble for doing so. But "Papa Washington" extols his so called young "Italian" son "to tell him the truth" which of course he does by saying "Yes, papa, I can tell a lie, I chop a down the cherry tree, cha chong, cha chong, cha chong" --"down she go" and Papa Washington is so proud as he says "George, I no punish you for chopping down the cherry tree, cha chong cha chong , cha chong-- you tella me the whole truth--so now, I am taking you to Washington DC to become the first president of the United States". It was simply a classic story that was priceless and my dear father performed this story for us kids every February 22nd. We waited for it. We cherished it and we cherished him. My father was a very brave man. He raised four kids with my dear mother and was bar none the most generous kind hearted soul on this planet! He would have given you his last dime-- and so many times he did. I miss him to this day. I was just getting to really know him and appreciate him when he died. It is also the 75th birthday of Edward Kennedy, the sole survivor of that great family destiny. Happy birthday, Mr. Kennedy. Today I'm going to Tim's to put music to that new song for our musical "The Traveling Companion'-- the old one just doesn't work. We need to get this musical off with a bang! And this brings the Sebastian Monroe (The Traveling Companion) into the story a lot earlier than before! It should provide a very exciting begining as a town suffers a great malady and blames its own doctor for the demise of many of its citizens. It is typical of how people can turn on someone they have loved.

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