Monday, February 19, 2007


I guess everyone who has been following my blog knows the story about my accident that happened on October 31st of last year. I was traveling down Victory Blvd on Halloween night going home and a woman made an illegal left hand turn in front of me and two other lanes of traffic. The other cars were able to stop but there was a bus in back of me and no stopping was possible. I was fixing my Ford ZX3 and had gotten down to the final $2000.00. I asked the body shop with a down payment of $1000.00 then and there and five hundred a week later and five hundred two weeks after that would they release my car? The answer was "no". I have spent over three thousand dollars on rental cars since November 2nd and I was determined I was not going to spend another dime on rentals. So I took the fifteen hundred that I was going to give the body shop and with that as a down payment I was able to buy a 2007 Ford Focus (see the photo above) (my first absolutely brand new car in thirty -three years) I will redeem the other car too, but this body shop's greed is going to cost them. And so for the first time in years, I will actually have two cars. Yes, I still owe on the first car, but I re-financed that and the two payments equal just about what I was paying for one car before the re-financing! Lesson learned: realize that no insurance company offers you more than 30 days rent-a-car coverage on any policy. So now, I will save the rent-a car coverage on the new vehicle because I will have the second Ford as a backup. So now I go after this woman in Small Claims Court. I had enlisted in a pre-paid legal membership who sent her a letter of demand. No response from that so now we go after her! I will not again go out on Halloween night-- there are just too many crazy people out there driving without insurance! Lesson learned the hard way. Oh well, now my partner john will have his own car to drive too!

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