Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Ten years ago this very day, a great sad event occurred. Young Matthew Shepard was beaten to a pulp, robbed and tied to a post. He died five days later. How very sad. Let us all say a prayer for his sacrifice and that prejudice against gay people will end forever. As I wrote once in my Journal "Prejudice is like tasting a fancy banquet with your nose-- all you get is a dirty face and you look more stupid than you ever have before!" How wise are the lyrics to Oscar Hammerstein's song from "South Pacific" called "Carefully Taught" Let us unite in brotherhood. The umpteenth rewrite for "The Brothers Laughter" goes on exploring an episode in Neil Simon's life and relationship with his older brother Neil. I will submit the manuscript soon to Gary DiSilva, Neil's Hollywood agent for family approval soon. The black and white picture on the blog today is that of Neil Simon back in 1966, at Jack Benny's classic age of thirty-nine! --one year after the blockbuster "The Odd Couple" premiered on Broadway. Danny was the real Felix Unger and one of the greatest persons I have ever met. Roll over, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, I think Danny Simon was the most honest person of them all. Happy Birthday to Al Paccino who turns eighty-one years young today. Today is also the anniversary of the opening of Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Cats" on Broadway in 1979.

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