Friday, October 17, 2008


Country favorite Alan Jackson turns fifty today. I first noticed this wonderful singer way back in 2001 when the 9/11 tragedy struck and he was right there writing and recording a song that will be around forever. That song of course is "Where Were You When The World Stopped Spinning." A classic. A songwriter can appreciate another songwriter who writes a bodacious amazing hit song. That song will play forever! Other songs of his I love include "Drive" and "Remember When". Today would also have been Rita Hayworth's 95th birthday- such a great star who died much too young. Today also is the day in 1931 that the world lost Thomas Edison. Imagine all the inventions of this great man that we simply take advantage of. I've included another comical set of street signs. These are from New Borgangles, Texas. Lord knows I've been on all of these "streets" in my life. John and I and John Nugent had a wonderful fun and peaceful day at Disneyland yesterday. The weather was perfect, but very crowded because it was "Mormon Week" and every Mormon and his brother seemed to be there in that park. We had wanted to have lunch at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, but when we got there in early morning, we discovered that it was completely sold out out through closing on SUNDAY. Wow, talk about crowds! A big thanks to our friend Bill Lewis who passed us all in. That little act of generosity saved all of us almost $300 in park admissions. It's nice to have friends in great places! Today was also the day in 1979 that Mother Theresa won the Nobel Peace Prize and Jimmy Carter in 1978 restored American citizenship to Jefferson Davis, the last act of let bygones be bygones from the Civil War. The insurance classes I'm talking go on and it's a lot of stuff to remember. We shall see if this pans out. Well, until later!

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