Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The Amazing Henry Ford and The Legendary "MODEL T"

Today, October 1st , 2008 is the 100th anniversary of the "The Model "T" -- the great car invented by Henry Ford in 1908. Back then, each car sold for $825.00. I wonder what that would translate to in today's dollars? Of course, the "Model T was always the car that Laurel & Hardy drove in their countless movies. I wonder how many of them they wrecked or crashed just being Laurel & Hardy. Today is also Walt Disney World's birthday in Florida, opening to the public on this day in 1971. There's an interesting story with this connected with Disney. Up until the time that Walt passed away, the Florida project was simply going to be called "Disneyworld". After Walt passed away, his dear brother Roy decreed that henceforth the project would be named "Walt Disney World". Roy's reasoning was that everyone knew that the Model T was a Ford, but very few knew that it was HENRY FORD who invented it. This was WALT''S dream-- this new park would henceforth be called "Walt Disney World" Also a grand Happy Birthday to dear old Jimmy Carter. Ex-President Carter is eighty-four years young today. Carter, of course is a perfect example of a man who was a better ex-president than he ever was as a Chief Executive: move over Herbert Hoover. Jimmy of course was only of three presidents defeted for a second term as US President. The first being Hoover, the second being Carter and the third George W's daddy. George HW. Today is also Julie Andrews 74th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mary Poppins. Work continues on " Brothers Laughter" and John and I are now editing "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway". It is simply too long. A recording session is scheduled for Sunday and I'll keep you posted on that later.

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