Saturday, August 07, 2010


Well indeed, it has been a long time since I've put a posting here, But with the toss out out of Proposition Eight In California, I felt I absolutely had to. Thank God, justice is finally being served. Why should the law of the land dictate to anyone who they are allowed to marry and spend the rest of their lives with? I am proudly gay-- just as God made me. I have a domestic partner that I love dearly named John and we have as of July 5th been together eleven long years. This Halloween , October 31st will be the actual anniversary of our actual home style commitment ceremony. Way back in 1999 nobody would have thought this as even remotely possible. In the meantime since I wrote here last, many things have happened to me. Some bad. But mostly good. God has been so absolutely amazing in the last three weeks alone that I have been left absolutely flabbergasted. My writing partner and I, John Nugent have an opportunity t bring all of our original musicals to an eight hundred seat facility in San Fernando called the Hope Theatre. The theatre was purchased by a church group called the Living Hope Church who originally envisioned a much bigger facility on numerous acres in the Valencia area of Southern California near Magic Mountain. Nothing is official yet, but again with God's help this could a wonderful reality soon. We would begin with one of the old chestnut musicals that I co-wrote in 1984 with J. Eric Schmidt called "One Big Happy Family". It was based on the world famous stories in the book "Cheaper By The Dozen". Frank and Lilian Gilbreth were efficiency experts who gave the world such things as "touch typing" (which saved the Remington Typewriter company from bankruptcy and all the many buttons to be found on your washing machine. Before Frank Gilbreth came along in 1924, doctors in operations at hospitals reached for their own instruments-- there was nurse there to expedite the procedure. Amazing. The theatre is absolutely beautiful and once it gets approved, I will tell you all more and post some pictures here. Let us hope all goes well and let us hope the stay on the repeal of the proposition will not be extended until the appeal can be heard by the Ninth Circuit Court. And oh yes, yesterday was Lucille Ball's birthday. Happy Birthday, Lucy! And let us remember dear Mitch Miller who entertained us all with his 'Sing Along With Mitch" television programs in 1960's. He was ninety-nine years old and made Rosemary Clooney famous with a little song she at first despised and did not want to record. Miler insisting threatening to fire her if she didn't. What was the song? "C'mon A My House!"-- a classic and career starter for this late great singer!

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