Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's been a long silence, but its been the most dufficult two moths og my entire life. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, my car was stolen and now three weeks later, there are absolurly no clies. I am now renting car which is very expensive and my trks to Disneyland are getting harder and harderto endure. Made the June rent by the very skin of our teeth. So if I get through this cris it will be a pure miracle. I have always had a great faith in my God and in Jesus mt savior, so now I'm praying like crazy to solve this very hard dillema. I was given a 1995 Lincoln Town Car that has so many things wrong with it including air suspension and a cracked wind shield. It also must pass the smog test, but maybe just maybe, I will get through this with God's help. So I will try and hopefully this will all come out and I will keep you posted here-- eventually.

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