Sunday, April 18, 2010


On this date in 1906, the largest known California earthquake struck San Francisco all before 6am on that most fateful day. Enrico Caruso had been performing in the city only the night before. When the quake hit the next morning that literally knocked him out of bed, he became convinced that he had caused the quake by performing in an opera disliked by God. You laugh? Caruso vowed he would never sing in the city again for the rest of his life and he never did. Three thousand people died not so much from the earthquake itself, but from the devastating fires that followed. People were still homeless and living in tents up to twp years later. Also on this date Paul Revere began his famous ride from Charleston to Lexington warning the American colonists that the British were coming. How many of you know that world famous poem that goes "Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere"? Today also was the day that the Irish Republic was proclaimed . Since I was born in 1947-- that makes me older than the Irish Republic by two whole years! -- good grief! Also on this date, actress Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier of Monaco in 1956 and most important this was the day that Chinese students rebelled against the Chinese government in Tianamen Square. I find it fascinating that the last of the Communist governments began to be challenged by underdog students on the very day that Paul Revere made his historic ride. And on this day in 1923. the first baseball game was played at Yankee Stadium in 1923. And in the this ought to make you feel old department actress Hayley Mills (yes, friends, dear old Pollyanna turns sixty-four years of age today. Imagine that! It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in the Valley and I have the day off-- how nice! And i still say Paul Revere resembles my dear friend Tony Westbrook!

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