Friday, April 09, 2010


I have now been working at two different holiday seasons at still my favorite place in the world: Disneyland. This picture shows a small sample of Easter Break 2010's crowds. Now trust me when I tell you: I come from a long long history in retail sales, but I have never seen such a constant flow of happy people happily spending money as if there were no recession and no money worries. I worked for Ritz Cameras for many years and if they had had even one third of the crowds my little Disneyland Emporium gets, they would still have the almost thirteen hundred stores that they once enjoyed. I came to work at 8pm last night (A Thursday)- the crowds at my register never stopped. The average purchase was well over a hundred bucks plus and people who came from British Columbia, Washington State, Arizona and the Bay Area was absolutely outstanding. Those Mad Hatter hats complete with red frilly hair sell in droves-- can you imagine spending forty bucks plus tax on a hat t=you could only wear at Halloween and at Disneyland? Of course, we all should knows that the movie starring Johnny Depp did absolutely amazing box office. I think it would really please Walt Disney to see just how much acceptance by the public everything that he produced or created has been absolutely embraced by the American public. Its absolutely mind blowing. I try to keep up the magic in the park by pointing out some secrets of Disneyland and watching the faces of the guests light up like a Christmas tree. Just to illustrate the crowds, allow me to tell you that the theme park officially closes at midnight, but Main Street USA closes an hour later at One AM. My last customer exited the building at One Forty-Two AM-- imagine that! I wonder what might have happened if Ritz Camera had joined up with Disney in the mid-90's-- they might have gone bonkers in sales instead of losing almost everything that once proud chain ever owned. Well now, i am working six days a week. It's just about the hardest challenge I've ever faced in my entire retail career. Oh only, if I still earned a commission on all of my sales!


Mike Laplante said...

Hello from British Columbia, Canada. Was idly browsing Google blogs when I came across yours.
Our family did the whole Disneyland / Universal Studios thing two years ago. I'm 52 but it still brought out the little kid in me. I spent some time talking to some of the tour guides, staff, etc about their respective jobs. I think to work at Disneyland would be the ultimate dream job. (A lot of staff did say although they enjoyed it, the Disney co did have some strict working terms and conditions).
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