Monday, January 18, 2010


Christmas came and went while I busily was doing two jobs-- selling cars at Alhambra Nissan and working at Disneyland throughout the busy holiday season. I must say that the whole Disneyland experience overall was really wonderful. Everybody on the staff were tremendously friendly and helpful and waiting on our guests there was really super fun and exciting. I got to work on New Years Eve and I was simply flabbergasted as to how many happy people were there in attendance. The wait for rides was really ridiculous (Dumbo took two hours) but nobody cared. Everybody was there to greet the new decade in. It just had to better than poor old 2009. The midnight fireworks show was spectacular and mind blowing. I worked at the Candy Palace that night. The amount of candy apples and brownies and gingerbread cookies were staggering. I had a great family re-union with my entire family that was held at my sister's house on December 26th. We all brought Chinese food and made up a giant buffet. In that way, my poor eldest sister didn't have to do all the cooking again. John Nugent continue to try and finish our deadlines for the Vermont Theatre competition. Financially things are very strapped and survival is a daily challenge for me, but with God's amazing help, I just feel that somehow things will be okay. My nephew, Kevin broke his leg last week skating and that sidelined him from work and bowling for at least a week. He has gone back to work on crutches. The weather will be rainy this week and the dear old weatherman predicts eight inches of rain. That sucks! But I know that we need the rain. My new job doesn't require much driving. I know work at Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood about six miles away where I actually will have many great opportunities to sell cars-- this time Ford-- exclusively and of course the great gamete of used cars that an ordinary dealership takes in. I was surprised to find that the oldest son of Soupy Sales (Tony is fifty-eight years old) ) works here as a salesman too. It was nice shaking hands with him and telling him how much I loved his dear father. I happened to mention to him one of Soupy's old "Words of Wisdom" boards on the really old television show. Those words said "Be True To Your Teeth and they won't be false to you!" He smiled and said that those were the very words that summed up his tribute to his dad who had passed away last November. I am still hoping that i can balance two jobs--selling cars and Disneyland. We shall see what we shall see about that. After all, it takes a full hour to drive to Anaheim and only ten or eleven minutes to drive to North Hollywood. Yesterday, I went to a lovely memorial service for my dear friend's friend, Carol who passed away at ninety years old on December 26th. Tim Doran had cared for her over thirty years. He did everything he could for her and showed me what being a true Christian is all about! The ceremony was one of the best. I was finally able to see Betty Price (another of Tim's friends) play the bells. Tim calls her "The Bell Lady" and she certainly is an incredible one. She had actually memorized all of the songs that she played yesterday afternoon including a fifteen minute pre-show, a solo and an exit concert. What an amazing tribute! No one could have had a nicer sendoff. The soloist was amazing! The performance by the choir was fantastic and my Tim's playing of "Over The Rainbow" brought me to tears. It has taught me a valuable lesson. "The honest of heart are sometimes the most difficult to understand" Carol was very honest, one thousand percent and maybe the most difficult thing to grasp in our lives is a stark one hundred percent honesty by any one individual. Many of us can not be that honest and that direct. Today is Martin Luther King's day. It's the 16th anniversary of the great Los Angeles earthquake. And now our thoughts are on dear Hatti. She suffers so much and we need to pray for her dear sweet people who are suffering greatly. I will try to be a little more frequent on here than I have been. Happy 2010 to everyone who may read this. I do appreciate the nice comments that i do receive from my readers out there. Let's hope we can all survive this big promised week long rain storm.