Friday, January 22, 2010


This was a big day in History. For on this date, the Supreme Court handed down its amazingly controversial Roe vs Wade decision which declared abortion was legal for the first three months. How much controversy did this one decision create? Probably the most of just about them all including the Dred Scott Decision the century before. And on this date, Lyndon Johnson, the 36th president of our country died of a massive heart attack. Can you imagine if he had decided to run for office in 1968? Had Johnson been nominated (and historians are dead sure he would have been) won that election I think that heart attack would have come a lot sooner and Hubert Humphrey president. That would have been interesting. On this day in 1944, Allied forces began landing at Anzio, Italy during World War II in our first big entry into that troubled country. Also on this date, in 1995, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy , the mother President John F. Kennedy died in Hyannis Port at the ripe old age of one hundred and four. Madeline Albright became the first female Secretary of State in 1997. In the entertainment world, in 2008, this was the day that Hollywood lost gifted actor Heath Ledger who died at twenty-eight from an accidental drug overdose. How very sad! And today in 1968 was the premiere of Rowan and Martin's TV classic "Laugh-In". Subsequently, I got to meet Arte Johnson while I was working at Hooper Camera in Sherman Oaks and he became a great friend. His autographed pictures grace the walls of my living room. Today would have been the birthday of film making giant D.W. Griffith. If you have not seen "Birth of a Nation" and you love great movie history, I strongly urge you to find a copy and watch it. My nephew continues to mend from his broken leg ever. He never did so as a child. Now he's in his mid-30's. Well another day at Sunrise Ford and I need to sign off here.

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