Friday, August 28, 2009


Last night I was able to visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood and I had such a wonderful time. There on old Franklin Street near the classic icon United Methodist Church stands this great old relic-- an old house now converted to the most wonderful tribute to magic ever conceived. You haven't lived until you walk the halls, have a drink at one of the bars and go up down the old staircases. And you are in for a treat when you visit dear old Irma, the invisible piano player. She's a great illussion that really delights everyone who comes here. The painting of W.C. Fields on one of the walls is a pure delight. The play that I saw there was really great-- good going Bonnie and cast. When planning the trip, I knew in advance that my uncle Lyall and my dear cousin Jimmy Crabe had been associated with him over the years, but little did i know that Jim and dear Mr. Larsen had been boyhood friends. My cousin Jim was born in May of 1931 and Milt had been born in April of the same year. Milt had a large family of magicians and my cousin developed his talent. My dear cousin was an amazing magician and an absolute gentleman. My few encounters with him upfront and personal were always moments of joy -- Jim was always more interested in what YOU were doing than what he could be possibly be doing and my cousin was the cinematographer for a few movies, you just might have heard of-- like "Save The Tiger", "WW and the Dixie Dancekings", "Rocky", "Thank God, It's Friday!" "The China Syndrome" and "The Karate Lid" Part One and two. It turns out that Richard Sherman and Milt are the best of friends and of course I am an amazing fans of both Richard and Robert Sherman. My cousin Jim did a whole wealth of television mini-series also like "George Washington, the Forging of a Nation!" and "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman. My dear cousin exited this weary world on May 2, 1989 due to complications of AIDS. But I still think of him, because he always made me feel like a champion and always supported my creative ventures as well. God love you, Jim--you've been away twenty years this year and you are so missed. Someday, if God id willing I will build something in your honor. And thank you, Milt for being so kind and wonderful to talk to. It was a delight meeting you and a real highlight of my humble life. I continue to write knowing that our journeys on earth are short-- and we need to make the most of what the dear Lord has given to each of us. Jimmy certainly did and it appears that Milt keeps doing it every day of his life. Keep creating, Milt. Keep forging ahead.

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