Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The last of the Kennedy Brothers has gone to his reward at age seventy-seven-- quietly in his sleep with his family at his side. Thank you, God for that. Now, you may have disagreed with his politics and his beliefs. You may have thought he was far too liberal. You may have criticized any aspect of his life, but you could not look down upon his personal courage, dedication and honesty. When Ted Kennedy gave his word, it was the purest bond you could possibly receive. He served his country in the same seat as his amazing brother. the former president of the United States in glorious service. He worked tirelessly for the cause of the common man. The reunion he will know enjoy with Joe, with Robert and of course with John should be magnificent. The Kennedy family has been cursed over the years with great tragedy . Were the sins of the father the reason for all of this? Perhaps so, because Joseph Kennedy, Sr. had a reputation that was far from honorable. Thank the living God that his sons and daughters rose above power and politics. Yes, all were human. All had scandal associated with their names with the possible exception of Eunice. But all showed great personal courage at the time that courage was most needed by their country. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the world could have certainly been plunged into World War Three by a maverick decision to invade Cuba. John Kennedy took the wiser route and saved the world. Russia had nothing to lose-- they were only holding on by a shoe string at best. And so, Mr. Kennedy, I salute you, sir. You served your nation well. You worked diligently for freedom and justice for all. You worked quietly and most nobly for all of us in every state and with every view of politics. You voted your conscience and your heart-- something not done often by politicians today.

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