Sunday, September 07, 2008


Today, September 7th is the final day for the Broadway show "Rent"-- the Pulitzer prize winning, seventh longest running show in Broadway history. As someone who aspires to Broadway, himself the story of Rent although tragic that's its author never got to see any of its fame and success is a phenomenal "dream come true" story.So many amazing performers got their start with this show including Adam Pascal and Indna Menzel. The Broadway lottery of offering twenty dollar orchestra seats by lottery on the day of the performance began its tradition with this show. Even tonight with every seat anticipated to be completely sold out, the producers have reserved several of these $20 seat opportunities. The "Rentheads" as the show's ultimate fans are labeled should be absolutely delighted. Today is also the birthday of television-- as way back in 1927 the first antiquated transmission took place. So put a fancy cloth over your television tonight, kids-- and wish it "Happy Birthday" Speaking of birthdays, it would also been the birthday of another great artist: dear old "Grandma Moses"-- what an absolutely amazing painter she was. And for those of us who grew up in that era, today would have been the 72nd birthday of rockster Buddy Holly. Well, another Sunday and a day at church. Tim Doran goes off on his well earned vacation today! Boy, does he deserve that! And John and I continue developing our new musicals. Right now, John is trying to complete the music for "Broadway Angels". This is one funny show!

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