Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yes, indeed, Hip, Hip, Hurray, Hurray today is my 61st birthday. I have now lived longer than my father (1966) , my grandmother (1952) and grandfather on my Mother's side, both grandparents on my father's side and have matched my mother's age of 61 (she passed in 1974) That of course is a bit disconcerting, but I will get through it. Today would also would have been Jim Henson's 78th birthday and F. Scott Fitzgerald's 90th birthday. The great novelist died at age forty-six. And Jim Henson left us in 1990 at age 60-- there's that number again. John Nugent and John Long and I will be going out for lunch today and Mr. Nugent and I will be going to see "Rent"-- the filmed version of the Broadway play. Work on "The Runaway Heart" and "Broadway Angels" is almost finished and I am still putting finishing touches to "The Brothers Laughter" and "The Wild Swans". I have never written this much in all of my life, so that pleases me. I received birthday greetings from two of my sisters so far and birthday accolades from dear Tony Westbrook, and my former employee Andrew Arohnson now attending school at Columbia University. Andrew's dad of course is Lee Arohnson who has created two of the funniest shows on television "Two and a Half Men" and "Big Bang Theory". All hopes are resting on Vermont and the Barter Theatre. I am still unemployed, but I have decided to go after my real estate license and my securities certificate. The company I am joining pays for three licenses and the training and has no quotas. Well, I thank God for all of His many blessings. These include my brilliant collaborator John Nugent, my dearest friend Timothy Doran and my life partner John Long. I have a great cat named Simon, my health is still okay and I'm writing more than i ever have written in my life. I love the freedom being out of work has given but sure wish i had done some saving--oh well. Thank you, Dear God, for all of your help and a big thank you to all of the performers who have given their talents to our recording sessions especially Westbrook & Snyder, Bill Lewis, and Karmyn Tyler. Plus Molly Summer, Brian Martin and Paul Hovannes. And Tim Doran, you are so appreciated my friend- you are sixteen hundred birthday presents all rolled into one. well, let the birthday begin!

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