Thursday, June 19, 2008


On this day in 1966-- we lost one of the greatest comedians of all times. Often called "The Perfect Fool"-- and world renown as "The Fire Chief" Ed Wynn was a classic vaudevillian performer who delighted audiences throughout the years. He was also an amazing dramatic actor who starred as Van Dussell in "The Diary of Anne Frank". He was Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins and starred in a great number of Walt Disney films. Walt is shown with Ed here on this blog entry. It's also an amazing co-incidence that we lost Walt Disney, himself in December of 1966. One of my favorite of his roles was on an old "Twilight Zone" episode in which Ed Wynn plays a salesman who cheats death because he has "unfinished business" here in Earth. Of course that "unfinished business" is as he calls it "a pitch for the angels"-- the best sales presentation of all times. The character of Ed is found in my musical "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway" -- a really wonderful tribute to "the old fire chief". On another subject, the job search goes on. I have about three more days at Ritz Camera and I will be working in the Ventura store this weekend. I have submitted resumes everywhere. So everyone--please-- say a prayer for me that I can find one.

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