Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I've been out of work now exactly one week and it really feels like I'm a shoreless boat. Of course, the job hunting has gone on long before that as i knew this was coming for a month! Wow, I never thought I'd miss it that much. I have put applications all over Career Builder and have now signed up with Monster. Com. The problem is just don't get that much reply, I do have an interview tomorrow in Gardenia, Ca as a "High School Presenter" in which I would go around to various high schools and sell a "College". I have sold many things in my life, but never an institution for higher learning. There is also a job fair tomorrow and there are other irons in the fire, but man this is scary. I must trust in God-- I know for sure that he didn't bring me all the way here intending to drop me here. He just doesn't work that way. So if everyone will say a little prayer for me, i would be very grateful. I have not been out of work in almost twelve years and have only actually collected unemployment once in the 1970's-- scary thought! I continue to write and send out resumes every single day--thank God for the computer! Well, that's about it for today! Sorry that the entries this month have been pretty sparse. I saw a performance of the Gay Men's Chorus on Saturday thanks to the kind generosity of my dearest friend, Tim Doran. It was a fabulous show: a tribute to the 1970's. Heard first was "Joy To The World" authored by Hoyt Axton. It was arranged by my old partner in songwriting Mr. Eddy Clement. What a wonderful piece. Of course if you want me to cry just sing one of my all time favorite songs "The Rainbow Connection" --I think it is so beautifully written. Paul Williams is masterful. Happy week ahead!

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