Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a scary thought when you think that job may end. We've been informed that Ritz Camera is closing my store in the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square based on results from January and February of this year: the worst months you could possibly look upon. We had a deliberating Writer's strike still going on and the economy is horrible. I think it's just terribly unfair. I have given my all to this company. At any rate, the promised "Were closing" signs have not yet arrived and that is comforting a bit, but its very scary to go looking for a job at age sixty. I haven't had to go look for work since 1996-- twelve years ago. Thank goodness for Career Builders on the computer--it does help a lot. So say a prayer for me--everybody. And while we are at it, lets have a great prayer that Tim Doran gets out of his financial mortgage mess. Please God. We both need help.

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