Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well put on a Happy Face for on Monday, April 7th at 8pm there will at long last be the return for about a week of Tony Westbrook from New York City. What an amazing voice! What an incredible friend and even co-writer he has been. It all started with an album project called "Highway To A Dream" the first CD put out by Creative Horizons. Tony made those wonderful songs come alive. With the equally amazing Tim Doran at the keyboard, Tony brought life to those songs recorded in an old studio in Glendale no longer standing. I dare you to listen and not cry at some of these songs: especially "If You Really Want To Know", "I'll Be Faithful" and he was the first artist to record "Wherever You Go There You Are" which is now part of the musical that Tim Doran and I wrote together called "The Traveling Companion" Tony,Tim Doran and the amazing will of Almighty God are the reasons I am still a songwriter! Then better news! I received a confirmation e mail from Terry Snyder and now there will be the reunion of Westbrook & Snyder on the same evening. Hopefully Tim will be able to join us and the magic evening will be complete. The songs to be sung will include the song that I have dedicated to Tony-- its called "There's A Little Bit of Broadway In All of Us" and a patriotic tune called "Some Gave All"-- in the vein of a song we all wrote together called "Sad Day For The USA" way back in (dear me) 2001. The third song will be "Let Go, Let God!-- a title that really fits my life and Tony's and if we get lucky a song from "The Traveling Companion" -- but that one is up in the air-- as we may opt for a rock tune or a spoof for Judge Judy called "Nothing Says I Love You Like A Lawsuit!-- inspired by a couple on the People's court who in real life and on on the program were suing each other, fiercely --even though they said they still loved each other-- just as fiercely- Judge Judy looked up at them and quirked to the audience "Well, nothing says "I love You" like a lawsuit""== the light bulb-- there was an idea for a song.
Well we will make the final choices after the first two in a few days. But to have both of these amazing gentlemen back together in a recording studio is going to pure magic. These guys are that good. More later!