Monday, March 03, 2008


Well we had a reading of one of our shows this past Sunday. It was "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway" the song that "One Last Miracle" comes from. Everybody loved the premise and the characters, but we need to curt about 40 minutes from the show to make it acceptable to audiences. It was a beautiful day and Keith and Karmyn and Lori and the group all got together and read the show and we played what songs we had. So there it is: a great lesson learned again. In all honesty this was the first reading I had done of this show for a whole lot of years and so it was good to finally flesh out the story and the dialogue. And John and i took time to plant two roses in our garden. One was the "Carol Burnett" rose and the other was named in honor of Pope John Paul II. We shall see how well they grow and thrive in the California sun. And oh yes, thank you Tony Westbrook-- first for being the first to record "One Last Miracle and second for the wonderful list of things in his blog today. What a great list of goals to aim for each and every day. And a very big thanks to Tim Doran who brought "One Last Miracle" to life with his brilliant orchestration of the song many years ago. A great day --still cherished! Amazing still-- and always. thanks Tim. And oh yes-- after many years I saw Richard Sherman of the Sherman Brothers-- his brother Bob has now retired to London and paints--though he istill writing some lyrics.