Saturday, January 26, 2008


Dr. Krupp
Griffith J. Griffith

Today, my friend John Nugent and I took a little trip to the "new" yet still classic "Griffith Observatory. I hadn't been up Vermont Canyon Road or to the observatory, itself in over ten years. It was a beautiful day and the views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee were absolutely spectacular. The new planetarium show was incredible and the narrator of the show has the most unique performance voice I have heard in many many years. My old friend. Dr. Krupp is the director of the observatory and has been since 1974. I used to wait on the good doctor when he used to come into my old place of employment Hooper Camera on Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood. He always wanted to buy as much Kodachrome Slide Film in as much quantity as he could. He photographed all the reconstruction that went on at the observatory when it was closed to the public between January 6th, 2002 and November of 2006. The restoration is simply amazing. They have added a basement floor for new exhibit space that is wonderful. Assyrian was painted and the roof was sealed to prevent the constant leaks every time it rained. Of course it was Griffith J. Griffith (see old photo) who immigrated from Wales and made millions in silver mines who donated over two thousand acres of land and one hundred thousand dollars to the city of L0sAngeles to establish the park and build the observatory. Parking was a breeze! Unlike in the old days! The only negative thing was the restaurant that they call "The restaurant at The End Of The Universe"-- it's supposed to have food by Wolfgang Puck-- but friends, let me tell you this food tasted like it came from the "end of the universe" and "the bottom of the puck" I really think the observatory can do so much better than this! But the day as a whole was wonderful and it was a great day to take off from work!

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