Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Congrats to Johnny Depp on his Oscar nomination for best actor on "SWEENEY TODD" --it really was an amazing adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's classic Broadway musical . Thank goodness --its very good news for musical theatre fans. Our new ad goes out for the recording of songs from the musicals that John Nugent and I are writing together including SEVENLY, a big farcical spoof, THE RUNAWAY HEART a romantic comedy based on very true events, THE WILD SWANS another classic fairy tale by HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN and "BROADWAY ANGELS"-- a most unique musical comedy. You will find the ad next week in print in BACKSTAGE WEST and online sooner. John and I are writing like crazy trying for an ASCAP grant and entering the competition for the ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop directed by Steven Swartz. Steven accomplished a lot at the Oscar nominations. He and Alan Menken both received three nominations for best song for the same movie they wrote songs together for called "ENCHANTED"-- very very nice! By the way, my two year anniversary is on January 25th and this poor tired manager is taking two days off and taking the train to Santa Barbara. John and I got a new VIZIO 36 inch High definition television today-- the colors and details are simply incredible. First new thing we've bought in a while. My condolences to the family of Zippy Manus--one of the original founders of "Broadway On Sunset" where our "SKYLARK", as well as "THE INVITATION" and a "MOMENT WITH MISTER "C" premiered in the mid 1980's. She was a super lady and fought hard for original musical theatre in Los Angeles. Well until next time!