Sunday, January 07, 2007


Kenny Loggins and I went to high school together at San Gabriel Mission High School in San Gabriel, California over forty years ago. Today we are both fifty-nine years of age. We are both songwriters. We both ran for student office in our senior year and made a speech on the same auditorium stage. He played basketball for the Varsity basketball team and I was the statistician for the same team We were both awarded a Varsity letter for our efforts. There of course the similarities end for Kenny Loggins is a world famous songwriter and I am yet to find my fifteen minutes of fame. Kenny had written "House On Pooh Corner" back in high school. He was incredibly talented as was then as he is now an amazingly kind and wonderful guy. His amazing songs from "Celebrate Me Home" to "Danny's Song" and "Footloose" show his amazing versatility and mind blowing talent. I went recently to my fortieth high school reunion and although he wasn't there, he was being talked about by everyone in attendance. Someday I hope to be the talent this man is. I must keep on trying to improve my craft all the time. He's been kind enough to return a letter or two and someday I do hope to see him in person once again. And as far as his great success-- fantastic! It just couldn't happen to a nicer and more talented and certainly gracious man. Not long ago, he added lyrics to "House On Pooh Corner"-- I think they make an incredible addition to an already amazing song! God love you, Kenny!