Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy New 2007! I had a nice quiet New Years Eve with John and stayed home and fixed a beef brisket in the new crock pot barbecue that John got me for Christmas. It's great! The man with the amazed expression on his face is that of the late great Senate Majority leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois. What an amazing character he was! Today he would have been one hundred years old! Happy Birthday, old fox! He was quite the politician! I wonder though what he might say that the first female speaker of the House in the history of the United States has been elected by her peers. Can Hillary as president be far behind? Her name is Nancy Peonne-- an Italian girl. Now that makes me twice as proud. I think finally the walls of prejudice are coming down ever so slowly with every passing year. Got a huge paycheck for Christmas sales at work and that of course will help me pay off the car a little more quickly. Well, as soon as I do, I can take this woman who hit my car to small claims court. I have the day off and I continue the work on another musical idea I have. The grant that I received a few years back from ASCAP of over $7500 requires that I keep writing something-- so I will honor my word! Well until next time!

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