Monday, March 15, 2010


I've now finaly returned working regular hours at Disneyland and become a "casual regular cast member" which means I am getting about twenty-eight hours a week and sometimes a little more especially if I call in. Big crowds at the resort. There is no recession here, dear friends. people spend money on trinkets and "Saint Patrick Day Mouse Ears" like there is no tomorrow and no financial hardships. Today I work 3:45-to 10:45 in a new store "The Disney Clothiers" so we'll see what that's like. The tribute to the Sherman Brothers last Wednesday was absolutely wonderful. Richard Sherman was on hand to receive the honor. Robert remains in London where he recovers from gout and other old age infirmities. But they had a recording of his voice for all the people to listen to which was great. The amazing thing to understand is that this is very first time (except for Walt Himself) that any artist or group has received a entire doorway tribute on Main Street U.S.A. So the fact that a couple of songwriters who made good receiving such a honor was absolutely remarkable. The Sherman Brothers of course have written most of the songs for the park including "It's A Small World", "The Tiki Room Song" and "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" The Sherman are my personal heroes next to Walt himself of course. The window itself is absolutely the finest tribute I have seen created for a songwriting artist of any kind. The resort is very crowded this week and I'm being offered lots of shifts to choose from. Our friend Tim Doran has finally sold the trailer he has inherited and we are very happy that this burden is finally over for him.

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