Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Today dear Sid Caesar is another year older. The classic comedian who was such an amazing part of early television and classic movies like "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" turns eighty-seven years old today. In the picture is Sid with Mickey Rooney and Carl Reiner at his side. Funny man who continues to make us laugh! Although he's eighty-seven now, dear Sid has remained active by appearing in movies, television shows, at award shows and autograph signings. In 1995 he appeared in the movie The Great Mom Swap. In 1997, he made a guest appearance in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation and The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit in 1998 based on a Ray Bradbury novel. Also that year, He has outlived Bob Hope and Milton Berle, where the three were greeted with a long standing ovation. He reprised his famous double-talk skit in an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? in 2001, to which he was received with an extended standing ovation by the crowd, as well as a surprise birthday cake from the cast and crew. In 2003, he joined the late Edie Adams and Marvin Kaplan at a 40th anniversary celebration for It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. In 2004, Caesar's second autobiography, 'Caesar's Hours', was published, and in March 2006, Caesar was presented with the 'Pioneer Award' at the 2006 TV Land Awards. Although appearing quite frail, Caesar performed his famous double-talk for over five minutes. Today I have an interview with a company called Tri-Universal-- no, not the movie company, but a marketing company in Carson, which I understand is about forty minutes away from my home here in Van Nuys. Marketing is something I really understand and appreciate. Nothing happens for you without it. And with Creative Horizons, I've been doing lots of it -- twenty-eight campaigns so far. So think good thoughts for me today and keep me in your prayers.