Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Praise God! It looks like I have found a job selling of all things-- packing tape! The interview was flawless, even though I still have my ears clogged from the worst summer cold, I have ever had. The job starts Monday or Tuesday depending on the additional phone lines that this company can put in. That's the great news-- the so-so news is that I must sell one order a day to stay employed. Now I have sold many things in my life before from extended warranties to digital memory cards and everything in between, but quite frankly, I have never sold office supplies before, though I am very sure of how many of them I have used over the years. But every company needs shipping tape? Right? I hope so, because the salary is $14.00 an hour plus commission-- so if I can do this with God's help of course, I could get very healthy financially very quickly. Once again it was Tim Doran who saved the day. He was the one who found the Craig's Ad and sent it to me. So God love you, Tim, I so appreciate it. Today is also the birthday of Emma Lazuras-- who was born in 1849 and whose amazing poem "Give me your poor, your tired, your wretched masses..." graces the podium of Miss Liberty in New York. It's the whole story of our country in a simple poem. And today in 1934 was the end of John Dillinger, brilliantly played by Johnny Depp in the brand new movie "Public Enemies" So we wait for next week and I ask everybody to pray that I can sell shipping tape. God indeed draws straight with crooked lines.

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