Friday, June 12, 2009


Today is composer Richard Sherman's 81st birthday. Of course Richard is one half of the Sherman Brothers team-- and they are writing a new musical even today called "The Merry-Go-Round" which according to Playbill magazine is bound for Broadway. I have always loved the Sherman Brothers since I was a kid and I've met Richard and Robert many times. The last time I saw Richard was a few months ago at the premiere of the re-issue of "Sleeping Beauty". He is an amazing guy. I've actually been in Robert's home in Beverly Hills and Robert and I had a wonderful meeting there in November of 1995. It was simply incredible. There isn't a Sherman Brothers song that misses me and damn few that I don't like. I really can only think of one. But I want to really offer to congrats to dear Richard who keeps the spirit of Walt Disney alive by attending all of these wonderful events. Richard was there and proud at Walt's 100th birthday celebration at Disneyland. Thank you dear Richard for all of your support of dear Walt's memory all of these many years. While I was an agent back in 1990's, I represented Robert's son Robbie. He's an amazing talent as well. John Nugent and I saw the Sherman documentary "The Boys" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Memorial Day this year. It is also the 81st birthday of the classic old singer Vic Damone. Vic actually had his start on the Arthur Godfrey program in the very same year that I was born in 1947. Today I am doing some marketing and cold calling of theatres. So wish me luck. "A Little Bit Of Broadway" has had its latest rewrite and hopefully it's last. A magnus opus with much wisdom gained this year, it still has some of the best music that I've written with John Nugent as my amazing collaborator. Tomorrow is my sister Rosemary's 67th birthday. How time flies when you aren't looking! Did anyone read about the poor man who's childhood home was accidentally demolished? Dear God! And about the woman who missed that fatal Air France flight from Brazil to Paris only to be killed in a car accident in Austria a few days later. I guess it's true "When It's Your Time To Go-- It's Your time to go". I even wrote a new song about it in anew musical John and I have written called "Death Does Broadway".