Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today is indeed Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. Abe was bar none the most honest politician this weary old country has ever known. I have always been absolutely fascinated by the life and times extraordinary gentleman from Illinois. We have a current president that used his bible for swearing in to be our current Chief Executive. The pictures you see here are all of statues and attractions that can be found in Lincoln's home town of Springfield. The Disney Company is going to release a DVD of the original "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" which was presented as the Illinois Pavilion there in 1964- 1965. Too bad, poor "Mr. Lincoln" is still put away in a box at Disneyland. That sure wouldn't have happened if Walt were still alive. John Nugent and I had an idea for a comedy in which a great president is put away in a box at a Disneyland like attraction and is rescued by the ghost of the real president. Somehow the two have a conversation and that could be one very funny premise. Today also marks the day that the first prisoners of war of the Vietnam War were released and it is also the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. Sadly, it is also the tenth anniversary of the conclusion of the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton. Monica Lewinksi is now living and working in London and Linda Hunt her betrayer is running a Christmas gift shop in Virginia after getting a major face lift and getting married. And for those who criticize the mother of those octuplets: allow me to remind you: (1) If those babies were not willed to come into this world by Almighty God-- they wouldn't be here and (2) Judge and you shall not be judged. The same cookie cutter judgement that you pass on another is going to be applied to you in the final judgement -- and you divided into eight sections is not going to be pretty. Give this woman and these children a chance. And to that grandmother-- you had better get on your knees and thank God for those grandchildren instead of making life hell for your only daughter and those children. Who needs eight more people in therapy?

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