Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today is the 60th birthday of Kenny Loggins. He has a new album out that I love. Kenny and I attended San Gabriel Mission High School together from 1962-1966: a long time ago. But I have great memories of those days and great memories of Kenny: whom I ran against for student body office in 1966 and for his Varsity basketball team, I was the official statistician for the players. I counted all the defensive and offensive rebounds and even the "Traveling" and "Double Dribble " errors. At one point, I even kept score. Our coach was Michael Crowe-- an amazing man, himself! Kenny Loggins was always a gentleman, a great student and always kind to a guy like me. His best friend was Peter Hermes, now an important lawyer. I went to school with Peter since the first grade. We both are songwriters, but Kenny is famous and I am not, but that's okay. I still try and give back to God every effort that I can. And that is the important thing. So Happy 60th birthday, Kenny. Thank you for all of your music and songs. My favorite is one that he wrote while we still were in high school together called "House on Pooh Corner!" He is preparing songs now for a new Winnie The Pooh cartoon-- and that brings up my second favorite song "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" from "The Tigger Movie":-- a tune that he co-wrote with my other heroes: The Sherman Brothers. I also love "Celebrate Me Home" and of course "Danny's Song". Happy Birthday, Kenny! God Love You!

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