Wednesday, November 05, 2008


God Bless America! A new leader and a new vision for the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Imagine, this is the first democratic candidate running for president that received more than FIFTY percent of the vote since the election of 1976 in the race between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. He is also the first US Senator to be elected president since John Kennedy. He was born in August of 1961 in JFK's first term. Can you imagine the smile on Abraham Lincoln's face last night in eternity? Or the tears running down Martin Luther King's cheeks standing next to him in Heaven? The dream that Dr. King described just forty-five years ago has come true. Yes, prejudice still lives out there, but now we have light to walk with in the great woods of living. "Yes, We, Can" are the words he repeated over and over again in his acceptance speech. Now, the country can go forward and begin to repair the damages of the last eight years. To think that this man wants to eliminate all income taxes for seniors who make less than fifty thousand dollars? Wow!I am a senior citizen of sixty one years plus. Guess what? I've never made more than fifty-one thousand dollars in my entire life.
On February 10, 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States in front of the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois . The choice of the announcement site was symbolic because it was also where Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic "House Divided" speech in 1858. Throughout the campaign, Obama has emphasized the issues of rapidly ending the Iraq War, increasing energy independence, and providing universal health care, at one point identifying these as his top three priorities. Obama's campaign raised $58 million during the first half of 2007, of which donations of less than $200, classified as "small donations" by campaign laws, accounted for $16.4 million. The $58 million set the record for fundraising by a presidential campaign in the first six months of the calendar year before the election. The magnitude of the small donation portion was outstanding from both the absolute and relative perspectives In January 2008, his campaign set another fundraising record with $36.8 million, the most ever raised in one month by a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries.Among the January 2008 DNC-sanctioned state contests, Obama tied with Hillary Clinton for delegates in the New Hampshire primary and won more delegates than Clinton in the Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina elections and caucuses. The people have spoken. God Bless and Keep the new president. I wish you the courage of Abraham Lincoln, the leadership of John Kennedy and the wisdom of Woodrow Wilson. I believe in you. I don't look so much for what you can do for me, I believe in what you can do for this country. If you study American History as I do, you will discover that because a human man (perhaps a woman someday) becomes president, not an angel or a saint, that every president of the United States makes mistakes, has foibles, and is certainly not perfect. If you read the outrageous things that went on in the politics of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, and James Madison, you will be amazed at what some of our "founding fathers" did to get elected and to stay in power. All the things I heard in negative about this man-- I predict-- will be so soundly squashed. If you don't study American History, you simply do not know all of the answers. You can't say, because you don't know what went on. Do you think Abraham Lincoln was perfect? Far from it. Was he remarkable in so many other ways? Yes, he was. Was he a politician with a capital "P"-- hell yes! So was Thomas Jefferson and especially John Adams. Believe it or not, John Adams had a man imprisoned for saying in public that John' Adams ass was
"too big". In a country that celebrates free speech. He was in jail for over a year. As I stated in an earlier blog, there is still in force today one of 1790's Alien and Sedition Laws on the books. Read about Alexander Hamilton one of the greatest Treasury Secretary's in American History. You just might be surprised at what you read. The argument against Socialism? What do you think the New Deal was? How about Social Security-- something that we will all depend on to live-- guess what that is? God Bless the new president-- I say "Yes, we can, too!

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