Monday, September 10, 2007


Farewell and Arreverdercci to Luciano Pavoretti who was laid to rest over the past weekend. What an amazing performer! I was reading that on his last performance at the New York Met on March 13th, 2004, the great one received a FIFTEEN minute standing ovation and ten curtain calls. Not bad! I can only hope that he is singing in praise of God in heaven this day as an absolute treat for the angels! In other news, I would like to announce that my company CREATIVE HORIZONS has a new website at Check it out. It has news about our new shows, the promoting of the new and improved "Traveling Companion" and samples of my my music and lyrics. I had a great conversation with my old collaborator last night: Mr. J. Eric Schmidt. What an amazing guy! Symphonies, ballets, movie scores. His young son performed the role of Curley in Oklahoma flawlessly the other night. He was so proud! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy! He has simply been so helpful over these many years! It seems so long ago that the two of us were collaborating on "One Big Happy Family"-- that grand old Roaring 20's tribute to the Gilbreth Family. It was that "Cheaper By The Dozen" family that invented touch typing and the push button washing machine. So do visit the website and let me know what you think!

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