Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Imagine if you will that "Trouble" was just awarded twelve million dollars by the "Queen of Mean" herself- Leona Helmsly.A dog (who actually bit people) named "Trouble" was awarded twelve million dollars- and a life of care. what a waste! Her chauffeur only got one hundred grand. Dear me! When this dog dies, her remains are to be placed in the same mausoleum that Leona occupies. Two grandchildren were purposely dis-inherited utilizing the same words ('for reasons that are well known to them") that Joan Crawford used in her will to dis-inherit her two children Christopher and Christina. Two grand children were remembered but are obligated to visit Leona's grave site every year or "they will lose every penny" she has left them and be obligated to pay back the rest! What a sad commentary that a woman can live cheating and hurting people throughout her life with only a slap on the wrist (the so called jail sentence) I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when she and God had their meeting. Oh well, maybe she and the devil are having cocktails in hell this evening. Poor Tim is looking after a penniless type Leona -- good old "Aunt Carol". She is never grateful for all the things that Tim does for her. She wants it her way or no way. Why are these people sent into our lives? Who knows? Perhaps to make us stronger? Maybe that is what it is all about. In better news, my new collaborator is about to leave Tennessee for his journey to California. I am very excited as he seems to be a really talented musician.

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